The negative effects of climate change are becoming increasingly visible in our daily lives.

While cities cover only 2% of the earth's surface, they nevertheless have the greatest impact on climate change. All food goes mainly to the cities. They produce the most waste and use the most energy. That's where most people live.

This requires far-reaching and integrated solutions where the province, municipality, city, companies, knowledge institutions and citizens must join fources optimally. So that cities produce more and reuse more, use waste for reprocessing, produce less emissions in terms of mobility, etc. Intelligent water management is also necessary because the water resources are also not finite.

Cities can act as important hubs to make the world a better livable, sustainable place. The cities in the Netherlands are working very hard with this in cooperation with companies, citizens, students, etc. in all sorts of ways. The activation of the largest possible group of people who will follow these examples is central here.

This documentary offers a close look within some of these 'green stories from growing green cities'.

For learning, entertainment but especially for inspiration to also start your own green story. Because when it comes to the climate change we simply have no time to waste. We must act now. Together.