Whether this film can actually be made depends on the realization of sufficient budget for the production. That is why a crowdfunding campaign has been launched via this site and various social media. It would be great if you made this possible!

The global film plan:

In the documentary, the scene is formed by 5 cities in the Netherlands that are committed to increasing sustainability and quality of life in their city. We follow 1 or 2 people from very close in 6 different cities. Of course, we meet many more people on the project 'in the slipstream'. They all try to increase the quality of life in their city in the Netherlands. And all by involving as many layers of society as possible. Each protagonist does this in his own way and on his own level. All differ from each other in this. We focus on a different theme in every city. This varies from, among other things, the mobility transition, energy transition, circular economy, resilience of the city, etc. Through the personal storylines, we get a nice intimate glimpse of how the Dutch dialogues work in practice. Through these people we see the power of the Dutch in the areas of: Collaboration, Creativity, Co-creation, Out-of-the-box thinking, International connection power, Entrepreneurship.