Dutch documentarymaker Gwen Jansen is making a cinema documentary in which inspiring 'green stories' from the city in the Netherlands take center stage. In this international documentary (without talking heads!) we follow a number of private people and people working in government / business / knowledge institutions and NGOs for a couple of months in different cities in the Netherlands. Through co-creation with optimism and an innovative approach they all try to create new valuable 'green' innovations and to inspire as much people as possible to take action to increase the quality of life in their city in the Netherlands in areas such as air quality, resilience / adaptability of the city / diversity / creativity / openness of the city. But we also get to know the other side of the story. We meet people who are not at all engaged yet when it comes to sustainable behavior. We get to understand where they are coming from.

Fossil-Free Friesland - Leeuwarden

Friesland wants to become fossil-free. Will Bouwe de Boer and Tsjeard Hofstra from Stichting FossilFryFryslan succeed in this context during the Elfwegentocht? During two whole weeks everyone within the borders of the province has to move without using fossil fuels. The province will be closed for 2 weeks in July for all traffic that still runs on fossil fuels. How does this ambitious adventure end in the North of the Netherlands?

Central theme: the mobility and energy transition

Metal Cathedral - Utrecht

In Leidsche Rijn we see the enthusiastic citizen Maureen Baas working hard to get as much people as possible to understand, through cutting edge art, the strength of nature for different kind of solutions in our lives. Also we see here in action for the realization of a food forest in the new residential area called Rijnvliet and to upgrade her own Metal Cathedral to the next level when it comes to being the ecological experience place on the cutting edge of art, culture and science. Will she as a citizen succeed from the bottom up to get in time to the municipality, province, businesses, artists, citizens and knowledge institutions?

Storytelling & Circular Area Buiksloterham - Amsterdam

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In Amsterdam we get to know the thoughts, motivation and way of living of people who are not at all showing sustainable behaviour. Also we see how a completely circular urban district is emerging in the inner-city industrial area called Buiksloterham. The collaboration between residents, companies and the municipality on the circular urban district was laid down in the 2015 Circular Buiksloterham Manifesto and together they are working hard to realize it.

Central theme: green storytelling & circular area development and construction.

Multifunctional roof landscape - Rotterdam

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In Rotterdam we follow how the municipality in collaboration with citizens tries to make the city as resilient as possible. We will follow Yvonne Metaal, Arnoud Molenaar and a number of trainees on their path as drivers of this process. In this context, the many flat roofs in Rotterdam could be used even better by as many businesses and citizens in the city as possible. Do they pick up the glove? And how does a floating farm in de Rotterdam Harbour fits in?

Central theme: Resilience within cities. More specifically here: the climate resilience of a city.

Climate Planet - Utrecht

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In Utrecht we follow the coordinator of international affairs at the municipality of Utrecht, Desirée Van de Ven and her team in getting the enormous Climate Planet to Utrecht. Goal: Letting a largest possible group of people in Utrecht know the importance of the global goals. And showing them in a spectacular way the way everybody can contribute themselves. Will they succeed in getting this financially and in terms of program around with companies, knowledge institutions, citizens etc? And what effect will there be on the citizens.

Central theme: the global goals

Green Capital of Europe 2018 - Nijmegen

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How is the largest possible mass activated in the year that Nijmegen is Green Capital of Europe? And how many solar panels can be realized by the visitors and the organization of the Four Days Festivities on the roofs of the farmers? How do the citizens Teddy Vrijmoet and Caroline de Greeff deal with this? They want everyone who comes into the city in July to make a contribution of 1 beer in order to be able to install gigantic solar panels on the roofs of the farmers.

Central theme: energy transition and civic activation in the broadest sense of the word